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MAG AKM Midcaps

After selling off all my old mags, I was in need of something new. Seeing as my AEG is some ugly AK-47/AKM hybrid, I decided on the AKM midcaps made by MAG. They were $92 shipped from Anderson and Anderson Airsoft. I bought them despite the lack of good reviews on their performance.

The mags are packed much like a box of STAR mags. The quality of the plastic and the overall finish are good enough for the field. For those who want more realism, there are many guides at Red Alliance or Arnies on how to weather the shell.

Right from the box, these mags did not fit with my G&P metal receiver. At the rear, the vertical back piece of the mag catch needs to be ground down to be flush with the rest of the mag. (Pics when I can) With a Dremel tool, it takes about two minutes to fit each mag. No word yet on performance, I will update after Saturday's game.

Appearance 8/10
Fit 5/10
Feeding ?/10
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