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Originally Posted by Ridiculous132 View Post
Lack of evidence? You drop kicked him in the face, that must leave a mark, no? I know it's not rock solid evidence, but it's still there?
Originally Posted by Omi-san View Post
I've you've seen one of the robber, it's solid evidence.

No, the suspect got away, all that he could do now is possibly pick him out of a line up. However this would not be enough "evidence" to charge him. There is still no way to PROVE this individual was in his home, aside from "he said/ she said." Had the suspect been caught and detained until police arrived and put into police custody, you'd have a very different story.

Gun safe and lock are the best. Mine are kept in a locked room and locked display case for just these reasons.

I hope the airsoft devices and any other of your possessions are recovered; specially before they get ill-used.


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