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I am not an airsofter. I wanted a realistic pistol to target shoot in my basement/backyard and so came across an on-line Canadian retailer. I ordered a KJW Beretta M9 Elite, all metal, gas blow-back model.

I subsequently started reading the posts on this site (because I thought that airsoft sounded really cool) and all of the controversy scared me out of my wits - I was afraid I had done something illegal. I emailed the local RCMP and they said they'd look into my concern. That was Monday - haven't heard back - gun comes this Tuesday. I have 48 hours to return the pistol when received. The retailer said he'd take it back...but I really don't want to if I don't have to.

I find it astounding that if truly illegal, an uninformed individual like myself can easily acquire a so-called 'illegal' firearm from a Canadian retailer and walk off into oblivion with it.

I could get myself a restricted firearms license, buy a real pistol and go down to the local shooting range...but still couldn't fiddle at home with a BB gun incapable of causing any real harm.

It just doesn't add up.
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