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Originally Posted by attack-beaver View Post
that sucks man to bad it happened to a AS owner

i was thinking the same thing, sounds like either they know you through your kids or something or just figure they get the bike and found some other goodies as they went a long.

It was chance and escalation of their intentions. They broke into my car to steal my stereo, found other stuff to steal and the garage opener which lend them to open up the garage and went to discover what goodies that lay within. This promoted the theft of the guns first and bikes second because when i kicked him he only had a small backpack on which told me he either had a partner or already lifted it to a secondary location. This is probably why the guns were stolen first, because the bike tires were flat and in his mind decided to take the cases to where ever first and get his air compressor to thoughtfully pump up my tires.

I would doubt the neighborhood kids would know i had a fancy bike to steal because i have not used it all year and when i did ride my bike it was usually 2-3am in the morning.

There have been recent brash break ins in the neighborhood from these two kids, the police know of. However they can't arrest them because of the lack of evidence of their crimes. So it could be very well these weiners who prey on the neighborhood.
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