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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Woah... Calm down.

Many of the people complaining are senior ASers, not noobs who read a bit of ASC threads and decided to jump on the "retailers need to make a profit" bandwagon. $450 for a $140US gun is ridiculous (AGM MP40). That is price gouging. I know people who are so sick of the price gouging that they would like to bring in AS guns and sell em cheap just to get rid of this problem. Charging for upgrades to a used gun is also lame
It's not price gouging. Please know how business of importing is done before making a judgement call. It costs money to buy the guns, but you're still not done. You have to pay duty on those guns, taxes, and brokerage fees. Even then you still aren't done, now you have mountains of paperwork to do and licenses to buy to import restricted items. Then there are also fees for running a business.

I once thought the same way, bring AEGs in and sell them for half the profit but it wasn't worth it in the long run. Remember these aren't squirt guns or anything, they are classified as replicas.
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