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Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
Oh man I took 3 years of french in Junior High/High School and I almost got that whole post! Is that why you have to be Age Verfied to sell and buy guns on here?
Yes, and I'll throw another twist in the saga of legalities.

Why are the Crosman pellet guns sold at sports stores nationwide not deemed replicas and therefore prohibited?

Well, that's an easy one. They have been around since long before this new law was created. They are obviously not toys and are sold and generally treated as weapons. They can and do cause serious bodily injury or death. Yet they can and do look exactly like their real counterpart. Now, there is no law that specifically excludes these guns from regulation as a replica, but the consensus amongst LE and the CBSA is that they are not and as such are treated as immune from the laws which can and do restrict airsoft guns. I mean, you can't really re-invent the wheel here. There are only so many ways you can make something to shoot projectiles that don't look like any real guns ever made.

You can't buy a fully automatic pellet gun in Canada that resembles an M4 or M16. That would be prohibited as it is select-fire. But semi-auto is just fine.

So, why prohibit airsoft? It's not dangerous, at least not as dangerous as a CO2 pellet gun. Yet the pellet gun is legal.

In Canada, we legalize the dangerous and prohibit the harmless. Now, if someone can show me even 1 small bit of logic that justifies this position, then you'll be my hero. And this doesn't apply just to airsoft guns. We have legalized medical marijuana, file-sharing and discrimination in Canada that are not only legal, but endorsed by government and courts alike.
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