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I am sorry for your loss, if it were me... I would be freaking out.

Losing an airsoft gun is alot like losing your arm... sure you can get a replacment... but its never quite the same.

I might suggest watching craigslist and kijiji as they have become a hotbed for selling stolen property. My sister had her Nikon digital camera stolen from a bar a few months back. She then saw the exact same camera only a few days later selling on craigslist and arranged a meeting at a cafe. I went for her ( with a few friends as backup )and looked at the camera... which still had pictures of her and her friends in the memory.

Needless to say I scared the sh!t out of the theif and recovered the camera.

Anyway, just a thought... I will certainly keep an eye out as; I feel your pain.

Best of luck in recovering your goods.
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