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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
I was looking through the FAQ on Redwolf airsoft and games across this:

How can a company legally do that?
There are two laws:

export laws
import laws.

Hong Kong customs/border agents allows the export of airsoft guns.

Canada customs/border agents DO NOT allow the IMPORT of airsoft guns.

YOU, as the IMPORTER hold all responsibility as far as the Canadian import officers are concerned. They don't give a rat's ass about the port of origin's export laws.

Even if it were 100% illegal for Redwolf to export pink sponges out of Hong Kong, as long as the products made it past the export officers, then the CBSA would allow the product in to the country.

"Smuggling" is the act of illegally bringing an item in to OR out of a country. As far as Redwolf is concerned, it's NOT illegal for them to export out of the country. But once it leaves Hong Kong territory, it is in the hands of international territory and free of laws. However, once it attempts entry in to Canada, it is then at the mercy of CANADIAN import laws, and the IMPORTER is the one responsible for control and declaration of the product.
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