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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Here's another question, can cops/ETF enter my apartment? Or is it like in the US where they need a warrant or something like that to 'force' their way in?

Ok second question, if i let them in and tell them and show them (carefully, everyone relax) its an airsoft gun. What can they do? (Or most likely do?)
A warrant would be required to enter your apartment. If somebody sees you fondling your gun (airsoft or Real Steel) and panics and calls the cops, technically I would argue that this is not grounds to enter your apartment without a warrant (unless you're pointing it unsafely - CC no no). Contrary to most city folks beliefs, people CAN own guns in this country. If I want to caress it gently in my house, I am legally allowed to do so.

This however doesn't guarantee that they won't come in with guns drawn, but it is my interpretation that this would be illegal on their parts.

On the other hand, if you decide to voluntarily let them come in and volunteer any information whatsoever, you deserve anything you get. I would personally never give them the opportunity to FIND charges.
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