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Originally Posted by kos View Post
That's what I mean. If I had a Star G36k (which I do, and am fondling right now..) , and they proved it was purchased after 1998 (a simple search will reveal it only came out in 2003 , or something like that), would they be able to shit on me?

I live in an apartment too (landies have been RS owners for 45 years. And one is a Greek Navy vet. so keeping them here isn't a problem), with windows everywhere. If someone saw me transporting my AK, or G36, to the living room (for inspection/maintenance) would I get burned? What if it was a RS firearm?
Possession of replica firearms is not illegal regardless of when it came out or when you got it.

It does not stipulate in the CC that replicas possesed before 1998 are legal and those after are not.

In 1998 replica firearms became proscribed... after that date it is essentially impossible for an individual to aquire one legally. So the possession of the object is legal... how it came into your possession is not.. as it must have been illegaly transfered... but unless someone was willing to testify as to the date time and place that the transfer took place... no one is going to charge you for "suspicion of the transfer of a prohibited device without proper licenses" unless there is a very good reason to do so

And... again... I say again... Airsoft guns are not defined in the code or its regulations as replicas.

Airsoft does not = replica... although if compaired in a side by side visual comparison I expect that almost all airsoft guns would meet the test of the definition of what a replica is

"an object that looks like a firearm but is itself not a firearm"

And you should NEVER walk around in your house with a firearm of any type that may be visible to passers by... that is a great way to have a visit from the ETF
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