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well not likely

Airsoft guns as a class of articles are not defined under the criminal code as replicas.

The only definition that 100% applies to airsoft guns is "not a firearm" ( in most cases...)

Some airsoft guns when compaired in a side by side visual comparison have been found to meet the definition of Replica Firearm under the Criminal code.

This does not in any way mean that all "airsoft" are replicas... only that when compaired in a court of law certain specific objects ( that just happen to be airsoft guns) were found to be replicas.

So it is not illegal to posses an object that has not been proven to be a replica... Even so if the police did consider your airsoft gun to be a replica on cursury observation ... it is not illegal to posses replica firearms ... and unless the police had specific clear evidence that you came into possesion of said article post 1998... well there would be no offense chargeable.
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