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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
damn you have more patience then I do, and I'm pretty patient on things as it is.... well except for when I see a gun I want then I'm all over it like a fat kid at Willy Wokna's Factory.
Lol, quoted from your sig "Gun Load Out: G&P SPR/A, ICS MP5 SD6, M203 Launcher, KSC G23f Metal, TM Sig226 Metal, KSC G17, TM DE HardKick 10" Metal, Marushin M500 8mm, TM G18c AEP, 2x WE Hicappa Dragons, Systema M16a3, TM M4 Metal, TM P90, ICS M4 CQB, TM AK47, KJW M700, coming soon to this spot BE XM8!!"

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