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Review - Private Parts Lanyard Grip Plug for TM/KSC G17 Series

Private Parts Airsoft – Lanyard Grip Plug For TM/KSC G17 Series
August 28th, 2007

So you have a G17 series gun and you have just about every accessory slapped on it. But I bet you don’t have one of these. This is the PPA grip plug. It prevents dirt, sand and crud from entering your Glock frame and interfering with the operation while also giving you the added benefit of an easier magazine fit and lanyard plug. This plug is constructed of a resilient high strength resin which can take the abuse of any airsofter. The addition of a lanyard hook is a life saver because for those who like crawling around in the dirt won’t have to worry about loosing their gun provided its securely attached with a proper lanyard.


Honestly this is the easiest accessory that I’ve ever installed. All you have to do is shove it in the bottom of the frame. All it requires is that you apply pressure to the clip to give it clearance to slide it into place. Within seconds it’s installed and very secure. The installed plug is low profile and won’t snag on articles of clothing. Owners of the Tokyo Marui G17 have the added advantage of a pre-drilled hole in the grip, those who own KSC guns will have to drill an 8mm hole in the back of the grip. The packaging includes instructions on how to perform the task. It’s easy to uninstall as well if you need to change it over to another frame. Just get a round object that’s less than 8mm, push on the tab through the hole and it pops right out. The PPA adaptor also fits perfectly in the Guarder original Glock frame.

Go out and grab one, or two! They are only 10$ a piece and can be had from Airsoft Parts Canada (Jugglez). I can say it was well worth every dime to add the benefit and functionality of the PPA lanyard plug.


Additional Pictures


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