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Originally Posted by ArmaliteWhore View Post
Look. You don't have to rub it in. I know I'm not " of age", but if a number is gonna prevent me from enjoying airsoft, I won't take it. I have a few airsoft guns. I have a few springers and an old broken marui m773. Did I do immature things like shoot friends with them? No.....Etc..Etc..Etc..Etc..
Listen, I hate to be an asshole, but you're 15 (or 16...w/e), and you said you almost bought a PTW. See, when I hear that, it makes me pretty damn frustrated. Why? Because it makes you sound like you're gloating about your(parents?) ample amounts of cash.... Needless to say; I had to deal with enough yuppies in paintball. Don't really want to see it here.

Don't take this as an attack, I'm just letting you know what I think.
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