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You could've bought one, and done what with it? You're technically not even allowed to play, let alone own one.

In any case, I wouldn't advise anyone who doesn't plan on playing often , to get a PTW. It's a training weapon, not a mantle piece.

Look. You don't have to rub it in. I know I'm not " of age", but if a number is gonna prevent me from enjoying airsoft, I won't take it. I have a few airsoft guns. I have a few springers and an old broken marui m773. Did I do immature things like shoot friends with them? No. I shot targets in my basement, went to local games in the US and loved each and every gun. i enjoyed myself, without being stupid. I cleaned my guns, even MADE barrel plugs for them and never brought them out of a case when moving them. The right to enjoy airsoft is not based on age, but what you do with your guns. It might of been illegal to "own" them, but i had a hell of a fun time, while being safe. Jeez, I got the guns as birthday presents. I even painted the outer barrels red.
I agree that you should be over 18 to buy them, but if you get a gun as a gift, what are you gonna do? Refuse it? I could get a gun right now. I could give my dad the money, let him buy it, and I'll use it under HIS supervision. I think that i deserve to play with you guys, because I have never ONCE did something immature with an airsoft gun. I'll let the idiots who get arrested do that. I've been waiting to be sixteen to play for a while, and I'll tell ya, I'm one persistent motherfucker and I rarely take no for an answer.
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