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Originally Posted by joker060 View Post
But you would also need to make a custom mag to hold said ammo. And I dont see the custom mag holding much more then a lowcap. Just my 2 cents.
the whole point of this project is to bring about a much more realistic system.
sure its nice to have 400+ round highcaps, but i much rather have realcaps.
you could say that the current means needs the extra ammo to make up for poor accuracy, but if thinks go well with what im working on accuracy will be at a whole different level not to mention much more range.
these new projectiles weigh about as much as 1/5 that of a .25g BB.
this translates into less mass, lower jules, and so it means higher FPS and range with less Ki on impact.
also, it puts an end to the annoying bouncing BBs issue(ever played QCB and have BBs hit the wall behind you and hit you in the back?.. i hate that), but thats not to say there wont still be ricochets, rather it'll be more like in real life.
right now im working a a mold so i can make these "bullets"(still need to name them) in mass, so i can do some more testing and even show then at some games in the next few months.
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