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well this isnt for shooting airsoft BBs, but something else i have been working on, and its not metal so i dont need something hardend and hightech, i just need to have shallow grooves down a normal airsoft barrel.
unfortunatly a Tanio Koba barrel doent have the twist rate i would need to give my new projectile and good spin.
i could get what is called a barrel liner in Cal.223, but i have yet to find a canadian shop that sells them. way too much paperwork to get one from the US so thats not even a consideration.
i could make this work with 5.56mm, but i would rather just stick with 6mm.

i shouldnt be showing this, but maybe you guys would understand a little more about why i need rifling done. its a little more complex then pictured since you cant really see inside of it, well just barely.
please note that patent is pending
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