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A problem with the law.

No, i didn't brandish a gun in public.
No, i didn't shoot my friend in the eye and posted it on youtube.
No, i didn't even take my gun out of my house.

Now, extinguish your torches and rest your pitchforks on the ground. Good. Now we can talk.

First of all, I want to say hi, and that it's nice to finally be part of a great community. I live in montreal,
I am 16 years! I said put the pitchforks down!... And I have a few friends that are very enthusiastic about airsofting. The current PQAC rules state that you have to be 16 years old to play:

Now, is the PQAC still alive, because the site isn't really up to date.

Second, because of all the fire that airsoft has been taking because of immature idiots, do I have to be 18 to play in non-PQAC events?

Many of you say that you have to be 18, but in OP photos taken from various canadian games, I can see that some players are not over 18.

I've searched the site, google, and every other forum discussing law, but I always come to a dead end when i come here. Alot of players say different things, and I want to get everything straight before I shell out hard-earned money to buy an AEG.

PS: I frequently airsoft when we drive down to the US every year, so I know my way around guns, apply proper safety and NEVER carry my gun in public ( that's what cases are for).

I am mature, and I would love to finally play with mature people such as yourselves. If you want to flame me, shoot me a PM. I'll make sure not to read it.

Thanks for reading,
Mike restagno, airsoft enthusiast and mature player.
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