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Well Jeff is a crook and I know this from personal experience. I bought what was supposed to be an original german egg grenade with a dummy fuse in it for $199.00. When I got it home I thought something was funny so I started checking my resources and low and behold what he sold me was a Gmax repro german egg grenade right down to the mfg code. I called him and he swore up and down it was original. At the same time my good friend Jack who was there with me had bought a dewatted navy colt revolver. When we got home and Jack took the revolver out of the bag it had been switched for a non-gun copy. The next day Jack drove back to Jeff's and walked in went behind the counter took the dewat and replaced it with the non-gun and loudly said to Jeff I'm here for the revolver I bought. Jeff did a bit of tap danceing that it was an honest mistake.... ya right!!!.
He is a crook and a liar... I called him before the gernade thing asking if he had any east german peacoats in large sizes and he said he did so I took a 3 hour drive down and the peacoats weren't east german they were american he had to be blind not to see the the US anchor buttons and the label inside said Made In The USA(not exact words)
I had a chance to to talk to one of his ex emplyees and he related a story that Jeff had him call this dealer in BC looking for a dewatted mp 40 the dealer then called Jeff and aranged to buy the mp 40 Jeff had. He bought the mp40 from Jeff to sell to the so called customer who Jeff had set up. Basically rooked the dealer to buy the gun thinking he had a sale for it when all along it was a scam.
I remember reading a post somewhere that Jeff had a break in and got ripped good well I say what goes around comes around you burn people long enough you will get burned good in return
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