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My own home done gun case foam insert.

A couple of days ago I was sitting in my office bored off my face, and I had been gun case shopping online. I really wanted to order a custom done case that had the foam all fancy pre cut out and what not. But the prices to me seemed a bit high, and I couldnt very well justify buying a new case when I already own a perfectly good one. So instead of doing the work I should have been doing at the time I busted out yee old telephone book and yellow pages and started looking up textile companys in town. At the same time I started researching companys who could CNC machine said foam for me. After about an hours worth of work I came up with a local retailer who would sell me a 2inch thick hunk of foam to the length I needed for only 20 dollars. In that same hour of time I had called a few companys and had gotten quotes. Basically the cost to have the design I wanted drawn up and mapped out on the foam and the labour etc itself would have costed me anywhere from 65-150 dollars depending where I went and how fast I wanted it. So in the end I bought the foam, took a magic marker and traced out the foam myself and did all my own cutting with a bansaw and scissors. Now I know its nothing fancy, but for me, I think it went pretty well. Im no handyman, hell I dispise change the battery in my gun, but I think it came out alright.


As you can see everything fit into my case fine, but well there was room for improvement and improvement there was! Essentially with a magic marker and a ruler to measure spacing. All I did was lay my M4 down and trace around it. Lay my mags down, trace around them and leave space for the next and trace out spots for a few of my other items. Now in hindsight I should have traced everything on the side of the foam that was not going to be showing. After all my cutting alot of my marker still showed. But well all I did was flip the foam over and its just as good. I know its nothing horribly special, and alot of folks probly do this for their own guns, both real or airsoft all the time. But well I dont know, it was a cool project to me, and didnt take very long at all.

Completed pics

Like I said before, to some of you guys this may not be a huge project, but for some out there who like to experiment and give new things a shot. I suggest giving it a try. Its fairly easy, even for the non handyman type.

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