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Hey everyone I think I have solved my prop gun situation. I settled on the crapsoft Spas 12 available at Canadian Tire. I'll paint it and make it look the way it should. Rather have a airsoft, but timing is an issue here.

And while looking for USPs, i checked out and found much to my surprise, and MP7 clearsoft TM Clone. Only added to the website a week ago, which also happened to be the last time I looked at the site. I bought it immediately as well as their clearsoft spriner USP. I'm make the compensator to make it a USP Match myself.

I'll try and post some pics once they arrive and I've painted them.
I'm on the hunt for a SPAS 12, MP7, and USP MATCH. More then one if possible. For my Half Life 2 movie.

Do you have any one of these guns or know someone that does? Get in contact with me! =)
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