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Originally Posted by jaa View Post
Do you guys do nighttime games? and if you do are they much fun?

I'm thinking a VIP protection type scenario taking place over several days with frequent attacks on the VIP compound both day and night.

The persons guarding the compound would have limited resources, including people, but have the defensive advantage, wheras the attackers would have unlimited food/ ammo resources, but would probably have to run a gauntlet to get in.
Of course we do but most of us dont do any of that corny CS type scenario stuff. Usually we played a game involving having to hold a certain amount of bases on a field using glowsticks to know who controls what.

BUT the Best are the 24hr (sometimes just night-time like BL2) vietnam games, one of which coming up this weekend. Nothing beats having to eat, sleep and s*** in the field all with the game never stopping.

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