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Unless you plan on setting up a really well hidden hide, you might as well forget about rats for what is basically going to be a 9 hour op.

You mentioned you were 8 "every man for himself". You aren't going to see much action if you all hunker down at 0130 for food then crash

Be a fast mover, carry everything you need on your rig or in a small (NOT a three day pack here, I mean SMALL) pack.

9 hours in Milsim isn't backpack territory in my opinion, but to each his own. It's all about having fun and using that kit you spent all your cash on.

I don't put a pack on till they get to the 24 hour mark, 48 for sure. I stuff my pockets with everything I don't have on my plate carrier, which is basically energy food and Gookinade powder, then snivel kit like TP or a mickey of rye*

NOTE - No rye in the feild during winter games. asking for trouble there.

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