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Psh... At my only night game I needed none of this! I slept for 2 hours in my regular camo uni in a dried up creekbed we used like a trench. I had rocks for pillows. Ha! That was a fun night. Really that was like the best place I've ever slept. Get yourself a tent and a nice sleeping bag if you want, but if it's an all night game I'm assuming that all night you're open to attack? I'd rather be sleeping in a ditch holding my rifle ready for attack than tied up in a sleeping bag in my hot pink polka-dot boxers in a tent in the dark if you get what I'm getting at. You would be screwed if anyone attacked you. Even if you had someone on watch, I'd say you'd be trapped in that tent being shot at. And your tent would end up with a bunch of holes. But, maybe its just me. For some odd reason I absolutely love the concept of sleeping in a cold muddy ditch with the sounds of people and gearboxes alike screaming all around me. No idea why, but that's always sounded awesome to me. Sorry for the uber-long post...
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