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To be honest Moz, the place is this destroyed farm on an abandoned property. It's not like shooting in the city that way, we easily just walk in and walk out, no one knows the difference. Haha, my friend from Hong Kong always laughs and says they don't even get permits in the city, they just shoot wherever they want even on much bigger budgets then I've had, and have like 20 guys dedicated to spotting cops and distracting them.

I'd actually LOVE to get a hold of a MP7 springer, would be great for background people. Do a custom paint job on it and pow, looks 100 times better. SOOO MANY on ebay, arrgg. Harbringer of Darkness messaged me about his TK MP7, still waiting on a reply, but thus far no one else, about guns at least. =)
I'm on the hunt for a SPAS 12, MP7, and USP MATCH. More then one if possible. For my Half Life 2 movie.

Do you have any one of these guns or know someone that does? Get in contact with me! =)
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