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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Mortar perhaps, with propellant discharge when round is dropped in launch tube. Set delay for "x" seconds, drop down tube and BINGO!!!

Propellant could be a propane bottle good for "x" number of shots? Or even a 12g CO2? Maybe with adjustable delay you could choose airburst or ground burst?

Nice to see you haven't just been watching TV this whole time (like me)!!!
Well, I did play with a butane combustion mortar for a time. I worked out a nifty little arrangement which worked very much like a real mortar with cheap shells that threw nerf rockets. I thought about productizing it, but the close hit damage potential was not easy to remove. I didn't like how easy it would be to tilt the tube forwards and belt someone in the face so I abandoned the project. Also, mortars aren't really in the centre of airsoft game needs so it would be hard for me to amortize tooling costs. Risk of injury coupled with lowish appeal aren't good combos for products.

Someday I want to make a gallery of the goofy crap that got implemented into materials but abandoned for one reason or another. It'd make for some interesting browsing. It takes a lot of tries to land on a good feasible product. My batting average looks like crap.

I don't have a TV. I hate most TV shows and the ads often bug the hell out of me.
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