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Originally Posted by Ichabod View Post
I think he can spare a moment within a week to get back to me and I've already tried Anderson Airsoft. At least AA got back to me within a day to tell me that they couldn't get it. Ken completely ignored my friend and to this day hasn't even replied to him. At this point the only person I'd consider dealing with is AA. And the FN2000 is not crapsoft. It's good quality at a good price because it's Chinese made. ABS body, metal internals.
Probably not. I'd imagine that spare "moment" goes to whoever has a pending deal with him. Example: two people order 2 TOP LMGs, and are waiting on quotes. One guy comes in (2 weeks+ later), asking for a quote on a JG MP5.. Who do you think is going to get priority, and for what (obvious) reasons?

That, coupled with the fact that he probably enjoys a full-time job, and most likely has family obligations, will slow anyone's response time. So be more patient... I can wait 5 months for an AEG, and so can you.
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