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Unfortunetly for many of us it seems as if Ken is never around much these days. However many of us also understand he has a personal life, and the bounds of those dont just cover going out and having fun, you have to think of other obligations he may have to attend to such as schooling (if applicable) and family. To some it may seem that he is either ignoring you, but you have to understand the sheer volume of emails he receives each day. Not just in regards to AEG orders, but questions about internals and upgrades as well. Its understandable that he does run his own business and I believe he does his best to keep up with his customers, but hes only one guy and if you feel youve slipped through the cracks, you can either choose to be patience and attempt to keep contacting or move onto another retailer.
Ken has always come through for me no matter what I needed.

When it comes to Canadian airsoft, patience and time are essentially the biggest factor. It applys to all aspects of airsoft. Taking the time to save your money, taking the time to explore all options, taking the time research all products,waiting for your gun to arrive, taking the time to show your AEG and GBB appreciation by performing propper maintenance, taking that extra second to wait for a better shot, and that extra second hiding in the bushes so you can mercy kill that noob from behind with a dildo that you carry as a replacement for a rubber knife.

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