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Originally Posted by Ichabod View Post
Does anybody have any idea where I can get the JLS FN 2000 from?!?! I wanna get off the cheap guns and this one looks incredibly sexy.

PS- I've already tried Ken a number of times, but he doesn't seem to care about getting back to me. I've also got a friend who wanted to put in a thousand dollar order with him, and he never got back to him either... Anybody noticed a drastic slip in his service of late?
How old are you? If you messaged him, sounding like a 15 year old, chances are he ignored you. He's busy, he can't waste time on minors (who aren't even supposed to be trying to buy guns in the first place). (EDIT: nvm, checked your profile.)

Also, what gives you priority? He doesn't HAVE to reply to you. He's busy with quite a few things as it is. I don't think he's going to drop everything, and custom order a JLS (crapsoft) gun for ya.

Try AA, but don't be surprised if they don't reply either.
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