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Where did you hear about this MP5 PTW?


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For what is worth, the latest story I've heard is that all tooling for the MP5 has already been done, but production of the gun was halted due to a fairly strange personal reason... Kumi (CEO of SYSTEMA) insisted that they want to use as much real-steel components as possible on the MP5, and one of the pet-piece is that she wanted to use real gun magazine shells for the PTW magazines. Currently, all PTW M4/M16 magazine shells are sourced from a real steel magazine manufacturer, imported to Japan, then modified. This is why PTW mags fit in real M16 perfectly. However, H&K apparently owns some sort of patent on the MP5 magazine and they are the only company that can manufacture the magazine shell. We contacted H&K and they actually are willing to supply the shell to us, but they want freaking U.S.$60 each!!! So, by the time its all said and done we are most likely looking at $150+ retail price per magazine. Nobody in their right mind would pay that much for a magazine!

Anyway, I asked them why not just make your own shell and I think its simply stubbornness that needs to wear off... pray and hope!

Anyway, another comment is that I definitely are not aware of any "financial trouble"... PTWs are selling great in the military market, but since I don't handle the government sales, I don't have the exact figure (such as how many thousand had been shipped to the U.S. military so far). Therefore I can't really say how big of a cash cow that is. But I do know that a while back a "competing upgrade parts manufacturer" (I do not want to name it) who is also based in Japan was spreading rumor of us going bankrupt. They also said they will be releasing "life time guarantee" gear sets that will take over the upgrade market by storm. So far I haven't seen neither of these claims happening yet...


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