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Originally Posted by Wakeness View Post
Wouldn't you lose the 3 round burst option?
*EDIT - Unless the three round burst is not available for airsoft...
Nope. There is no three round burst option for airsoft MP5s (unless ofcourse you are very very very technically inclined). Only on the real steel MP5s you will find it, and that's why it's naming system is different than the airsoft one.

Originally Posted by WarHawk109 View Post
i'm pretty sure there are only like 3 or 4 guns in airsoft that have 3 round burst, all of which are fairly rare.
I'm not sure rare is the right word. The Gas/Electric MP5K is rare, but that's because it is out of production.....pity.
There are a few guns with three round burst but only a couple with mechanical three round burst (TM Type 89s for example, and they can be aquired quite easily, as easy as any other AEG). The electrically controlled three round burst feature on some models (I don't know if they are still in production, if not then yes, they'd be rare too) is not really all to good and isnt worth paying extra for. It's known to be unreliable and inconsistant.

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