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Originally Posted by WarChild7 View Post
Stop by sometime....we had 9 different people from Canada come in just yesterday and buy everything ranging from pistols to SAW's. Crossing the border back into your country is really a non-issue; of the last 50+ trips back home by your fellow countrymen, only one car load has ever had anything taken by customs.
ive been suspecting this issue for a period now.

"Is it REALLY necessary to have a proper license to import Airsoft guns?"

That's the question there.

I've had Mk23 type silencer shipped from WGC shop to here. And the customs had inspected it and evidently opened up my package to see the silencer.

When I was taxed, the customs receipt had the following written:

Shipment Value: $280 - GUNS, Parts - Tax: $xxxx

So they ACTUALLY knew that it was a "Gun" part and they actually gotten it to me.

I don't have ANY firearms license or anything, neither does anyone living on my address.

I had just emailed CBSA about this.

Hoping to get a reply soon.
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