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Originally Posted by Wakeness View Post
It's pretty crazy for a guy that has no background in military arms to distinguish one from another.
Like, on the 007 site I'm admiring the Classic Army MP5 SD2 Full Metal, and above it is the Classic Army MP5 A2 Full Metal.... From what I can see, they are essentially the same gun, but the SD2 doesn't have that extra piece under the barrel....
Does that piece serve a purpose on the A2?
It just takes some time. Before Airsoft I didn't know much either. I can give you a quick run down of the MP5 naming scheme in Airsoft:
A2 - Full stock, SEF trigger group
A3 - Collapsable Stock, SEF trigger group
A4 - Full stock, Navy trigger group
A5 - Collapsable Stock, Navy trigger group
K - Short, stockless, Navy trigger group
PDW - Similar to K, but has flashhider, and a folding stock (note, it's a folding stock, not a collapsable stock)
SD2 - Suppressed, Full Stock, SEF trigger group
SD3 - Suppressed, Collapsable stock, SEF trigger group
SD5 - Suppressed, Full Stock, Navy trigger group
SD6 - Suppressed, Collapsable stock, Navy trigger group
The real confusion ensues when you come to realise real steel MP5s work on a different naming scheme. The difference is that there is no significance given to whether the trigger group is Navy or SEF. So then what is the difference between an A2 and an A4 or an SD2 and an SD5? The three round burst function. On the real steel the naming follows this pattern:
A1, A2, A3 - Safe, Semi, Full Auto
A4, A5 - Safe, Semi, 3 Round Burst, Full Auto
SD1, SD2, SD3 - Safe, Semi, Full Auto
SD4, SD5, SD6 - Safe, Semi, 3 Round Burst, Full Auto
K, PDW - Safe, Semi, Full Auto

Now, I'm not sure how you can see an SD being the same as an A except for a tac-light, since the SD is a totally different front end, butthe real difference between and A with a taclight and an SD is being able to see in the dark and being a silent assassin...You choose (actually, the suppressor doesn't cut down the pissed off sewing machine sound, only the already quiet muzzle blast).

But in all seriousness, an MP5 won't let you down and a full metal body is nice too.

Originally Posted by Wakeness View Post
*EDIT - I'm seeing a lot about the MP5. It must be popular for a reason...
Now that made me smile a wicked and evil smile.
Some might complain that "everyone owns one", but our perspective is that everyone owns one for a reason
That review basically covers all maks of MP5s (even though it says it's for TM).

The only gun you'll see more often on the field than an MP5 is an Armalite (M16, M4, etc).

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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