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Originally Posted by Wakeness View Post
haha.... I've already changed the gun in my sig. I don't know anything about guns in general, so I'm just sort of basing my selection on battery capacity, magazine capacity, and size... (Not too short, not too long)
Really, that's why I'm here... to learn before I got drop 700 bucks on an AEG.

I heard about a paintball spot not too far from me that supports Airsoft, so I may go and see if I can watch or join in with a rental.
Awsome! Glad to see someone willing to dedicate some time to learning about the hobby first. Before deciding what equipment you want, I highly advise you go to a game and check out some stuff that people play with. Many players are more than happy to show off their gear. You can usually get age verified at events too, which will give you access to the classifieds section on the forum, that way you may be able to drop $450 on a gun instead of $700.

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