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Wow, thank you for the kind words everyone.

- Moz... hahaha, I'm simply amazed that we seem to keep bumping into one another. When I read your P90 comment/wink, I did a double take. I'm going to buy at least one of those Combine-esq vest right off the bat. The collar and look are dead on. BIG thank you, haha.

Do you know the name of the first gasmask?
I've already found the second one on ebay after you suggested it.

Check out this third one, also Soviet. I like it a lot. I would hope I could modify the bump over the nose if I get it.

In terms of the MP7, I'm really pushing hard for that, at least for one lead character. Background characters, the MP5 will do just fine.

I was actually out shopping today for resistence costumes. We did some camera tests just an hour ago, they look amazing. Even made the little yellow lamda symbol arm bands.

Shikodo, Drake, Xandrex, Achanman, Thank you very much, gave me a smile to read. =)

Krap101 - We are going to try and get the gravity gun in there somewhere. The graphics we can do now (our skill/knowledge) have really increased since doing The 5th Rangers.

Penguin - I'll PM you. =)
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