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Originally Posted by WarChild7 View Post
here's some links for you to read on just what makes the PTW so different, and better:

Illusion has summed it pretty well....words just don't do this thing justice. Once you hold one and shoot it, well, just put everything else you have up for sale, and pull out your credit card.....nothing else compares. you won't need or want anything else.

i own an airsoft store, and thus, pretty much have my pick of anything i want. my personal weapons are typically some of the scariest weapons in our
league. most of them have obscene amounts of money invested in them, with the best of everything. now that i got a PTW, every other gun in my personal arsenal is now up for sale.

if you have the opportunity to ever get a PTW, just do it. sell all your other guns, sell your first-born child, sell your soul. whatever you need to do, you won't regret it.

it is, simply, the best. the uber gun.
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