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Filming a Half Life 2 Airsoft Movie

Hello everyone. My brother and I are making a short film adaptation of a computer game called Half Life 2, I'm sure many people here are probably familiar with it.
The game features a number of weapons very similar to modern day guns.

I primarily need the SPAS 12 shotgun, MP7, and USP Match.

There are a number of prop weapons companies in Toronto. But most nonfiring/airsoft/prop weapons rent for $100+ a week and I won't necessarily be able to film nonstop for a week. I don't want to rack up $400, $500 bucks in rentals. I have a contact with a firearms license that has imported for me in the past, a whole bunch of World War II airsoft for another project. But it usually takes months and I don't have the time. I'd consider looking for them used, but I haven't been age verified yet(I'm 24). =)

So I'm also coming here to see if anyone around Toronto would be interested in helping me out and perhaps having a cameo in the short. Essentially becoming a part of the team really. We add all the muzzle flashes, and bullet impacts, blood hits as well as many other graphics. So, anyone out there with airsoft SPAS 12 shotgun's, MP7's, and/or USP Match's or knows someone that does, get in contact with me if you are interested.

We know how to shoot an action scene pretty darn well on a low budget, but we don't talk the talk unless people have seen our work. So please check out our website and decide what you think for yourself. =)

Thanks everyone! =)

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