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Originally Posted by kos View Post
I r sad naos.

Eh, do any of you guys know if systema makes a 20 round mag (car-15 style)?
They do make a 30 round mag for Mil/LE markets and I have seen guys mod those by cutting the internals, gluing them together and stuffing it inside a real VN 20 round mag.

Originally Posted by kos View Post
A PTW is a training weapon, not an AEG. It is built from much higher quality parts, and built to a higher standard. Also, from my understanding, there is absolutely NO monkey metal infused into this gun's receiver, or anywhere else (I could be wrong, but I sure fuckin' hope not).

Heh, not to mention the functioning bolt-release, and fully retractable charging handle. OR.. the fact that it's built exactly like (dimension wise) a Real Steel AR...Actually, didn't you (mcguyver) say that it actually seems like it's better finished than your bushmaster (ew) ?

EDIT: There's just tooo much to say about the PTW.. and I don't even own one yet.
The receivers unfortunately are alloy, as a real 7075 T6 aluminum forged receiver would violate Japanese law and we wouldn't fair much better here either. The hop-up cage is also alloy, but that's pretty much it. The charging handle is a real one, but it's fixed when the receivers are closed and is used to remove the cylinder when the receivers are open.

And yeah, the fit and finish is better than my real AR.

Hold a PTW and you're sold. The performance is all gravy.
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