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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I will allow someone who has a better understanding of how a systema work to explain.
Im not worthy.
A PTW is a training weapon, not an AEG. It is built from much higher quality parts, and built to a higher standard. Also, from my understanding, there is absolutely NO monkey metal infused into this gun's receiver, or anywhere else (I could be wrong, but I sure fuckin' hope not).

Heh, not to mention the functioning bolt-release, and fully retractable charging handle. OR.. the fact that it's built exactly like (dimension wise) a Real Steel AR...Actually, didn't you (mcguyver) say that it actually seems like it's better finished than your bushmaster (ew) ?

EDIT: There's just tooo much to say about the PTW.. and I don't even own one yet.
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