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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
Assuming you had your own insurance that covered you (which is pretty unlikely, unless you have AD&D or Disability coverage), you would indeed sue the field owner, the host, and anyone else you felt contributed to their injury.

Strangely enough just telling an insurer that you are injured is not enough to get them to pay. Funny that. Even when they agree to pay, you usually have to sue them to sort out how much.

Insurance policies, especially third party policies, don't usually pay without litigation. Then when the law suit is settled or tried, the insurer pays the part up to their limits and you get stuck with the rest.

This is the short version, but it is very rare that insurers pay out large sums without some litigation.

I'd be curious to know what kind of policy Tokoyo7 meant when he said "you insurance" and then your premiums go up. That part made almost no sense to me at all.

I lol'ed.
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