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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
I've e-mailed 007 a a few times in the past week or so and i've recieved no responses other than the automated ones telling me to re-contact them if i do not recieve a reply in 48 hours, i haven't tried phoning because i don't live on my own, and don't pay the phone bill, thus i'd rather not be calling another province (i'd feel bad about it, kinda stupid i know).

I don't think it would it be a Hotmail thing because i've used my guardians Sympatico e-mail to try contact them (i tried once on that e-mail) and still got no responce.

Anyone know anything?

I've made a few threads in the past few weeks i know, but i really hope to get my first AEG before the end of summer
Relax and be patience, its not like he won't reply at all. I got reply within a week and few days later; he is really busy with tons stuff let alone airsoft...
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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
The plush dogs were cool.

Don't let the dog haters and plushy haters get to you, man. ANYONE can post pictures of their guns, but it takes a special breed of man to post a picture of his guns with plushies!
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