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Originally Posted by WarHawk109 View Post
Should be here either later today or tomorrow. Also got an Eotech clone on the way. Yay!
Congratulations dude! you're going to love it! i got mine last tuesday. it's utterly fantastic. the most scariest, most awesome, uber-gun of all time. extraordinarily expensive, but damn, worth every cent!

i got the MAX M4 with 3-round burst. took it to one of our small skirms with about 50 people on sunday and tried it! shot further and better than any gun i've ever owned. the 3-round burst rocks! it makes such a distinct sound compared to any other gun on the field that everyone always knew where i was. the gearbox sounds effortless when it fires, not whiney like most other guns, but turns over so hard the gun has a small amount of recoil.

you're gonna love it. again, congrats!

oh, by the way, if you need any mags, batteries or extra cylinders, let me know....we are a systema PTW dealer.

Systema PTW: It's not a gun, it's a religion.

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