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Review: Proud Luminous Night Sight Set (New Metal Version)

So I've had my KSC Glock 19 for a little while now, and I managed to break the front sight! This might have actually been a little blessing b/c I've actually wanted to replace the sights for as long as I've had the G19 - just too lazy to do. To make a long story short, I immediately ordered the replacement sights from and luckily, they had the 'Proud Luminous Night Sight Set (New Metal Version)' in stock. As always, I have to give credit for Jugglez - I ordered the part at 7:05 PM and he shipped them out at 7:39 PM the SAME NIGHT! Getting back to the point, the reason for this review is that I couldn't find any good reviews for this product.

Although the package says 'No Modification' required, I certainly had to do some modding and I suppose that anyone who has replaced their stock plastic KSC Glock slide with a metal slide will have to do the same.

A bit uninteresting, but this is what the package looks like:

Where my stock front sight broke:

As you can see, the right nib of the sight bent causing it to become loose.

I didn't take any photos of unmodded sights b/c I hadn't considered writing a review at the time, but the new rear sight did not fit on the slide at all! It would only go in 1 mm and no amount of twisting, tapping, or 'lighter' pounding could get it in. So what next? SANDING. I used 3M Wet/Dry 400 Grit Automotive Sandpaper to sand down all the male fitted parts of the sight - as a precaution, I taped off all the parts that I didn't want to get sanded (the most important part being the 2 front dots):

The red arrows indicate the parts I sanded. My apologies for the confusion, but these photos were taken after I finished sanding and preped for painting. So in the 2nd and 3rd images, the tape on the bottom and back, respectively, were areas that I didn't want to paint. The reason for this was that I had sanded down the sight to the point where it fit incredibly well (just the right amount of 'snugness') in the slide.

I had a few cans of spray paint on hand and I ended up using a combination of 2 paints. I'm not sure if it was the best/right combo, but it seems to have worked for me. So after a thorough cleaning and masking, I applied a thin coat of 'Krylon Fusion for Plastic' Gloss Black as a primer b/c it also adheres strongly to metal. This Gloss Black has an awful shine, so after drying and another light sanding, I applied a coat of 'Weather Shield Rust Coat' Flat Black. I must say that this Rust Coat matched the finish of the slide/sight perfectly!

This is what they look like on the slide (both rear and front replacements):

AND of course, the 'Luminous' function:

I'm not sure how useful this will be in the field, as it is just normal Glow in the Dark material and doesn't hold the light for very long. But they're nice to have and are certainly better than the stock sights.

I hope this was a useful review/tutorial for others who are either considering purchasing these sights or have experienced the same problem. Any additions or better solutions would certainly be welcome!

Thanks for reading.
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