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No, thats what insurance is for. The insurance company pays the money out to you, and then the premium for the field goes up.
Unless it was your insurance, then they still pay you out and then your premium goes up.

Please allow me to elaborate on a few of the things mentioned to me by my broker. Essentially when you go to set up insurance for your field, you fill out some questionaries in regards to your set up, whats on your field, type of equiptment you are using/issuing to use, FPS of your guns, etc.
Afterwards your broker would submit that form to a company like....say...
Sports Can Insurance
And from there you would recieve a quote. Now my broker recommended that for minimum coverage to have at the very very least 2 million, and that was already stated in a previous post, and its well suggest to have something more like 5 million. Now my broker was able to look into the cost of a local field in saskatchewan and as it stands, I can and will not name the company, but they run very respectable operation, and as it stands they had a prior good history as well, and for their package it costed them approximate $2200.00 a year. Now for someone just starting off with out such a good history, it would most likly be more around $2600+.

Just thought Id throw some more in the pot for you guys.

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