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Originally Posted by jaa View Post
ok guys thanks for all your help

A) the site is four acres of woodland surrounded on three sides by fields owned by people who know what we're doing and have told us to go ahead.

B) I stopped by 42 division and told them exactly what we'd be doing, and we're all reasonably certain that playing airsoft at this site is legal.

C) As for insurance, these are all very good friends of mine who all graduated high school in the same year as me. I've spent four years with these guys and I'm quite certain they are all 18+. Nevertheless, I have a waiver signed by all of them saying they themselves are personally responsible for all injuries that they get playing airsoft in these woods. I hope I don't have to pull it out, but it's in a locked cabinet.
Dude, if I take it c) means that you are either not insured or inadequately insured and are relying on your buddies good will to not sue you, that would be most unwise.

An eye injury, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or any serious injury and that good will will evaporate along with their ability to live a normal life.

Your waiver, no matter which lawyer custom drafted it for you (and which lawyer did custom draft it for you?), is not a defense to the lawsuit. Trust me.

If it was my butt on the line, I would want nothing less than 2M coverage, and would feel better with 5M.

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