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Originally Posted by ASA_Jax View Post
What legal protections do you take? I have been told for a single game Insurance is about $2000.00. Ive also been told that Waivers are useless for the most part so im confused as to how these fields continue to run with such a high risk of injury. Any insight would be appreciated.
Most Liability Policies have a participant exclusion, in that the insurance is not designed to cover claims made by people who agree to participate on the field. So if someone who agrees to play, and accepts the inherant risks involved.. they really can't blame you if they get hurt doing what they agreed they wanted to do.

Insurance is for 3rd party claims... people who are not participants but none the less get injured due to your actions.
For example, a person who "wanders on" to a field while a game is ongoing and gets injured.

Waivers generally can be defeated by any Personal Injury lawyer worth spending money on... as Lawdog can attest to ....

However they can be effective for spurious claims as a deterrant for the "proffesionally injured"

The policy I carry covers my Corporation, directors and Officers for claims arrising from third all of the training activities I do.

Further protection is provided by making sure everyone knows what they are getting into.. and by being carefull who you allow to participate.

This is why I do not run "public games" at my field.. and only allow people who I know.. or are vouched for by someone I know to participate...

In the end Field owners and game hosts are exposed to substantial potential liability.. that really can't be mitigated...

This is why I do not hold any assets in my name... so that should I be the target of litigation I am not a rich target.
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