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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I was out shopping with friends one day, and the girls decided to go do their things and the rest of us hit up the food court at the mall, on our way there we stepped into this shop, Sanfrascico, some of you may remeber them, you know that cheap crap novelty store that carrys all that assorted crazy shit for cheapo. I was looking through there stock and saw that for 8 bucks you could get 2 springer glocks. I asked to open the box and have a look at the product, poorest made things ever. Essentially falling apart in my hands. You could probly fire it 3 times before it shattered in your hands.
My friends gave me one of those. It sorta functions though you have to turn it upside down to load it. Only worth using bb's I find on the floor in my room.
Originally Posted by Hades View Post
I agree!! I always have my good long thinking shits while sitting on the can and wearing a good sturdy pair of boots.
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