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I was on site at one of the companys apartment properties today. Just picking up some paper work from the customer service staff. In the parking lot every few feet I would see a small green/yellow or red plastic bb on the ground. I stopped to pick one up and examine it and could tell right away it was a crapsoftair bb. After crossing the parking area and heading up the walk way to the main building I looked over and on the playground I could see kids maybe teenagers, I dont know they looked about 14-15ish in that area. But here they wear blasting each other back and forth with crapsoft shopguns. I went inside, picked up my paper work and told the onsite customer service staff to go give the kids a warning to not play with those on site property. I dont know, no I protection, shooting each other at near point blank ranges, I dont know its all stupid to me, thats why on my way out I went over and asked sugest that if they were going to keep shooting at each other that they should get some proper eye protection. All I got was basically what I consider to be tween know it all attitude and one of them pointed their crapsoft shotgun at me and faked a shot at me. I turned around shook my head and walked away, got in my car and drove back to head office, hopped on my computer did up a letter to the tenants to remind their children to pick up their bbs and faxed it back over to the site for the customer service staff to deliver.

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