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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
And y'know what? Today I received a letter from the RCMP (yes, the RCMP) saying that I did not send them specific information, so I received an official "REQUEST FOR INFORMATION form. Hrmm.. what was missing?

The fuck-tards in Miramichi, NB said that the 'Firearms Posession And Acquisition Licence Application' was missing. Are you people out there fucking retarded? Did you ONLY receive my cheque for $60 that was in the same envelope?

Good christ these people are idiots that work for our government. Not all mind you, just the leeches that do it for a fucking paycheque.

Grumble grumble *continues to wait on the phone for minute number 14...*
LMFAO! Awsome just awsome.

I got mine back in June, waited 50 days from when they said they received the application. I went and did the safety course for non-resricted and restricted with 4 other ASC members (3 from Ontario, and one that you know well).

Keep on pushing, and be patient.
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