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Neat animation, but I actually noticed a flaw in it. If the trigger were actually released as fast as shown in that diagram, then the system would never complete a firing cycle.

The cutoff mechanism is one of the harder bits to understand as the mechanisms involved in the actual release of the circuit are hidden, but you can still see the parts (cutoff lever arm and mechanical circuit switch) trip to break the circuit open. This animation would be correct if it showed that action.

Without the understanding of that critical bit of AEG operation, many users will continue to lock up their gearboxes in semi-auto fire and blame their gun for failing. It's not failing - that's just the way it is.

The way the system is animated in this animation, it looks like a Systema PTW, where all you have to do is tap the trigger and no matter what point in the cycle you let go of the trigger, the cycle will complete - this is not true.
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